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Waukesha Booster Pumping Station Update

On March 17, 2020, the cities of Waukesha and New Berlin officially agreed to work together to move Waukesha’s water supply program forward. As part of the agreement, the proposed booster pumping station (BPS) will not be built in Minooka Park in New Berlin as initially intended but will instead be located on Waukesha’s east-central side near Broadway and Les Paul Parkway.

WIFIA Update

The recent announcement of a federal loan for the Great Water Alliance project is great news for Waukesha ratepayers. “Customers will save almost $1 million per year over the 38-year life of the loan because of the exceptionally low interest rate and a flexible repayment schedule,” according to Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly.

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Issue 26 | Fall 2022

Newsletter Highlights

This issue features information on future water rates in Waukesha as well as progress updates on pipeline construction.

Issue 25 | Summer 2022

Newsletter Highlights

More progress updates on both the Booster Pumping Station and pipelines can be found in this newsletter.

Issue 24 | Spring 2022

Newsletter Highlights

This issue of the newsletter contains progress updates as well as a look into Waukesha’s Clean Water Plant.

Issue 23 | Spring 2021

Newsletter Highlights

In this issue you can find program updates and simple tips on how to conserve water.

Issue 22 | Looking Back on 2020

Newsletter Highlights

Look back on the progress made in 2020 to bring safe, sustainable water to Waukesha in this newsletter.

Issue 21 | December 2020

Newsletter Highlights

Regional cooperation is in the spotlight in this issue of our newsletter. Also find a quick recap of an online open house.

Issue 20 | November 2020

Newsletter Highlights

In this issue you can find information on the start of pipeline construction and learn about our online open houses.

Issue 19 | August 2020

Newsletter Highlights

Read more about Booster Pumping Station updates, look ahead to the Transition phase, and learn about WIFIA federal loans in this issue of our newsletter.

Issue 18 | June 2020

Newsletter Highlights

Learn more about the final Booster Pumping Station location in Waukesha, as well as the interactive route map and construction updates.

Issue 17 | March 2020

Newsletter Highlights

Read all about the history and future of the Great Water Alliance as well as application approval by the Public Service Commission.

Issue 16 | December 2019

Newsletter Highlights

This newsletter features things to expect from the program in 2020, how to learn what’s going on in your area, and an interview with Waukesha Water Utility Customer Service representative Donna Kopshinsky.

Issue 15 | October 2019

Newsletter Highlights

Learn more about the Permission Phase of the program, the award-winning GWA team, teaching kids about the value of water, and how to prevent drain clogs in this issue.

Issue 14 | August 2019

Newsletter Highlights

In this issue you’ll read about WWU’s search for contractors, the preferred booster pumping station in New Berlin, ways you can conserve water and more.

Issue 13 | June 2019

Newsletter Highlights

Our new informational video series, tips on summer water conservation, an interview with Engineering Technician Tom Krause, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 12 | APRIL 2019

Newsletter Highlights

GWA enters the Permission phase, Facilities Plan Amendment was approved by the Department of Natural Resources, you can do your part to conserve water, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 11 | February 2019

Newsletter Highlights

Waukesha Water Utilities’ Well 10 receives needed repairs, how to stay informed on GWA, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 10 | Decebmer 2018

Newsletter Highlights

Look back on the Great Water Alliance program achievements as it completed another year and moves towards delivering a sustainable alternative to the City of Waukesha’s existing water supply.

Issue 9 | November 2018

Newsletter Highlights

10th Anniversary of the Great Lakes Compact, tips to protect your pipes this winter, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 8 | September 2018

Newsletter Highlights

Pipe loop testing begins, explanation of City of Waukesha’s water bill, conservation tips, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 7 | July 2018

Newsletter Highlights

Solution requires an investment in infrastructure, GWA and Dan Duchniak receive prestigious awards, answering questions about Waukesha’s Clean Water Plant, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 6 | May 2018

Newsletter Highlights

Field investigations and surveying begin on a preferred supply route, a look into the four-step process at Waukesha’s Clean Water Plant, benefits to rain barrels, a recap of the Open House in Milwaukee, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 5 | March 2018

Newsletter Highlights

Three possible pipeline routes discussed at February Open Houses, returning Great Lake Water to Michigan, an historical throwback, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 4 | January 2018

Newsletter Highlights

Waukesha signs historic water source agreement with Milwaukee, Waukesha residents receive answers at Open Houses, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 3 | November 2017

Newsletter Highlights

An historic agreement avoids nearly $40 million in costs, Dr. Skalbeck demonstrates key facts, field investigations begin, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 2 | September 2017

Newsletter Highlights

A statement from Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly, a look into Root River water quality monitoring, Waukesha’s Open House, and more are featured in this issue.

Issue 1 | July 2017

Newsletter Highlights

Compact reaffirms approval of Waukesha’s Lake Michigan water plan, learn about the Root River, and more are featured in our inaugural issue.

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