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Great Water Alliance Online Open House and Q&A

August 2020: Waukesha BPS

Program leaders discuss information about the new booster pumping station location and answer questions from the public.

Watch the GWA Booster Pumping Station Open House Meeting

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October 2020: Waukesha Construction

Information about the construction phase of the new water supply program presented by program leaders and officials.

Watch the Construction Open House Meeting

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Waukesha - Water Bill Rates


Safe, reliable drinking water is essential to the health of our families and to our local economy. That is why, in 2020, construction began on the infrastructure to provide Waukesha with a new water supply.

Booster Pumping Station

Pumping Station

In order to bring a sustainable and safe new water supply to Waukesha, new infrastructure has to be built, including a booster pumping station, reservoirs, and a water tower.

Water Line Flushing

Water Line

In preparation for the Waukesha water system transition to Lake Michigan water in 2023, water line flushing will occur in 3 specific zones in Waukesha during the week of Sept. 14, 2020.

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