Pipeline construction

Construction has begun in the Waukesha area marking a momentous milestone for the Great Water Alliance (GWA) and the program to bring a new water supply to Waukesha.

In Waukesha, contractors have begun work on the southeast side of the city. Construction trailers are being set up, materials are being brought in, pipes are being placed along the route to prepare for construction, and “pre-construction” work is underway, including marker placement and route documentation.

A remarkable amount of planning and coordination by an extensive team is required to launch construction of this historic program. A total of 36 miles of pipe will be constructed underground to deliver a safe and sustainable water supply from Lake Michigan to the residents of Waukesha and then to return water back to the Great Lakes basin (return flow).

Construction of the return flow pipeline will begin first, starting at the Waukesha Clean Water Plant. The first section to be constructed will run from the Fox River down Sentry Drive, east on Sunset, then south on West Avenue to Les Paul. The pipeline route continues northeast on Les Paul until meeting Sunset again, and then continues along Sunset before heading south on Racine Avenue to New Berlin, Muskego and Franklin before discharging into the Root River, a Lake Michigan tributary.

Minimizing public impacts is a priority. Our skilled contractors are working with each municipality along the route to obtain proper permitting, manage work schedules and minimize community disruption. As construction begins, project signage will indicate traffic and access conditions, and notifications will be distributed broadly, and specifically to properties along the pipeline routes. Program representatives will reach out to residents, and real-time updates will be made on our website and our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). Of course, maintaining the highest standards of safety for both workers and the public is also critical. Please maintain a safe distance and obey all posted signage and flagger instructions. Workers will also be wearing GWA safety gear and are able to answer any questions.

For additional and up-to-date information about construction, including traffic patterns, hours of construction, and steps being taken to minimize noise and other temporary impacts, please visit the In Your Area page.

Every effort is being made to complete this project efficiently so that the pipeline is built in a safe, cost-effective manner, to meet the court deadlines, while ensuring reliable drinking water for generations to come. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.