The Waukesha Water Transition Is Now Complete

Waukesha’s transition to a Lake Michigan water supply has been completed ahead of schedule — two weeks earlier than anticipated. Due to several years of preparation and relentless dedication from the Waukesha Water Utility, we were able to transition 100 percent of Waukesha Water Utility customers to Lake Michigan water with very little discolored water and minimal impact

GWA Hotline Update

Having successfully completed the water transition, please note that the GWA hotline will be permanently shut down as of 11/01/23. Please direct any and all questions or concerns about the new water supply to the Waukesha Water Utility at 262-521-5272.

Rate FAQs

Total water and return flow bills will increase over the next several years to reflect the increasing costs of regular operations and maintenance, as well as the costs of the new water supply project. Find answers to all your water rate questions here.

Going with the flow

Going with the Flow

A preferred route has been determined.

In Your Community

In Your Area

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Program Tracker

Program Tracker

Want to know exactly what stage of the project we’re on? Follow along here.

Learn the facts. Get the answers.

We’d like to address some of the common questions that have arisen since Lake Michigan was identified as the only sustainable long-term water supply for Waukesha.