Water Line Flushing

During this crucial step in bringing safe water to Waukesha, high volume water is forced through pipelines to push out sediment that accumulates over time.

The pilot program for water line flushing will be during the week of September 14 in three zones that are outlined on the map below.

Flushing Zones
Zone 1

Includes neighborhoods north of Hoover Avenue, south of Newhall Avenue, S. West Avenue and east, and S. East Avenue and west, with a focus on Harrison, Frame, Wabash, Grand, Estberg, Douglass, Roberta, Coolidge, Delafield, Windsor, Oxford and Scott Avenues.

Zone 2

Includes homes north of Les Paul Parkway, Sunset Drive and south, Oakdale Drive and east, Center Road and west, with a focus on School Drive, Mulberry Lane, Prairie Avenue, Chapman Drive, Green Valley Drive, Meadow Lane, Cottonwood Drive, Wisteria Lane, Dogwood Lane, Dixie Drive, Hemlock Lane, Hemit Avenue, Burr Oak and Sycamore Drive.

Zone 3

Includes the community north of Waukesha West High School, south of Les Paul Parkway, Saylesville Road and east to the river with a focus on Trillium Hill Court, Lookout Ridge Court, River Valley Road, Foxboro Court, River Edge Court, Fox Ridge Drive, Campfire Crossing, Wyngate Way, Lavine Lane, River Ridge Drive, Fox Hill Drive, Fox River Circle and River Point Court.

Water flushing

What this means to you

  • During the line flushing, residents may experience a temporary reduction in water pressure as well as a rusty or brownish-red tint to the water.
  • This water is safe to drink but might taste odd. To clear the tap, run your cold water for several minutes.
  • Avoid using hot water to minimize the amount of flushed water entering your water heater.
  • Refrain from washing your clothes or any light colored objects as discolored water might cause permanent stains.

If you have any questions about how water line flushing could affect you, please call the Waukesha Water Utility at 262-521-5272.