Despite these times of uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that the construction of Waukesha’s new water supply will continue to move forward. Within the last few weeks, virtual bid meetings for three large portions of the construction project have been held with eligible contractors, and bids were due by May 14. Contractor selection will occur June 2, 2020.

Contract award by Waukesha’s City Council marks yet another important milestone in this effort to provide a safe and sustainable water supply to Waukesha. These specific contracts will involve construction of both the supply pipeline from Milwaukee to Waukesha and a second pipeline from Waukesha to Franklin to return the water to Lake Michigan via the Root River. The return flow pipeline will begin this summer while the supply pipeline construction will begin in the fall.

With the new site for the booster pumping station (BPS) secured, the pipeline route has been slightly altered. Details of pipeline routes can be found at During construction, neighboring residents and businesses will be made aware of construction plans and the project team will coordinate closely to minimize inconvenience to property owners and commuters. Originally sited in Minooka Park, the BPS will be located on a site in east-central Waukesha, which was a former Nike missile site. Plans for the relocated facility are underway.

The Great Water Alliance project depends on cooperation and communication with seven neighboring municipalities to ensure residents of Waukesha receive a sustainable water source via Lake Michigan.

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