Meet Mary AdelmeyerMary Adelmeyer, Customer Relations Coordinator

Briefly tell us about your role at Waukesha Water Utility?
I have the privilege of working at the Waukesha Water Utility as the Customer Relations Coordinator. My three primary duties include:

  • Responding to customers regarding billing information, utility services, and water quality.
  • Updating and implementing the Utility’s conservation program by administering the incentive programs, calculating the cost/benefit for conservation activities, serving as a liaison to external committees, and drafting external reports.
  • And, my favorite, educating the public on water quality, utility operations, and on the importance of conserving this vital resource by giving presentations, writing press releases and articles, and updating the website.
  • In addition to these duties, I also assist with the meter change out and lead & copper programs.

What is one of your favorite aspects to your job?
Actually, I have two favorite aspects of my job. My first favorite aspect is the people that work here. We truly have an amazing group of people, from the management team to the staff, who are professional, dedicated, and continually go above and beyond, the supportive team environment makes it a pleasure to work at the Waukesha Water Utility. My other favorite aspect is educating and helping people. I enjoy explaining where their water comes from, how it gets treated, the process of getting the water to their homes, and the reasons Waukesha needs a new water source.

I also enjoy helping people save money by finding ways to conserve water. For instance, I help customers lower their water consumption by giving them tips on how to find water leaks and informing them that they don’t need to water established lawns — by not watering their grass, they not only save money, but they don’t have to mow as often! In addition, I get to work with large multi-families, businesses, and industrial companies to help them save money and water with our conservation business incentive program, and I coordinate our conservation rebate programs for rain barrels, WaterSense toilets, and showerheads for residential customers. In the end, people understand that conserving this natural resource, that we often take for granted, not only saves them money but is also the right thing to do; and the Utility has conservation programs in place to help.