1. The complexity of this historical water program is extensive. I would imagine many would be interested in understanding your role as the project manager.

This IS truly an historic and complex program that I am honored and excited to be involved with! It is so meaningful to me to work with WWU to bring Lake Michigan water to all the residents of Waukesha – it’s why I wanted to become an engineer in the first place. My role as Program Manager is centered around organization, communication and understanding the technical engineering needs to provide an efficient and effective new water supply and return flow system. I focus on coordinating all aspects of the Program schedule, design and permitting including the day to day activities like meetings, workshops and deliverables. The key is to facilitate clear and timely communication between stakeholders, including the staff at the Waukesha Water Utility, the Program team, the regulators, and other communities with a lot of help from our dedicated Program team both at my firm and our subconsultants.

2. Your academic background is impressive including a BA in Communication Studies, BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, plus continued education engineering courses along with recently teaching a course. With the environmental engineering field constantly improving and evolving, how do you stay current?

When I decided to return to school for engineering, a wise engineer told me that the key to enjoying this field and being successful was to hone my learning agility. As my career as a professional engineer has progressed, I have found it’s essential to stay open to learning from those around me and to continuously seek out opportunities to be challenged and to listen. Serving this Program provides an everyday opportunity to learn from those around me! I also stay current in the industry be being actively involved in giving back to the industry through volunteering for professional societies, and supporting continuous learning opportunities where I can contribute and bring the best thinking in the industry back to the communities I serve.