Donna Kopshinsky, Waukesha Water Utility Customer Service Representative

Meet the Team - Donna Kopshinsky

Please describe what you do at WWU and what you enjoy most.

Some of my job responsibilities include receiving and responding to customers inquiries and complaints regarding Water and Wastewater needs. I resolve customers concerns by explaining their charges and providing alternatives to help them reduce and conserve water to lower their bills and check for leaks in their homes. I process payments and update customer information in the billing system. I provide our techs with customer information that they need in the field, including reading history and information on stopped meters. I also correspond with title companies regarding properties for sale.

What I enjoy most about my job is the communication and relationships I have with my customers. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something important when I help them. I also enjoy the friendships and camaraderie I have with my coworkers. We work well as a team and I know that we can count on each other. It makes coming to work every day a pleasure and not a chore.

What was one of your more interesting days at work?

There have been so many interesting days at Waukesha Water Utility. One that stands out is when a customer needed to have her meter changed. We had been trying for a few years to get her to let us in her home to change the meter, with no luck. I wanted to try one more time to see if I could change her mind and after a couple of hours talking to her, she agreed, but only if I would come with my tech, Tom Gotzler. Tom and I visited with her for a while and then Tom changed the meter. She said that we made her feel comfortable and made her day. In reality she made ours. It’s always great to personalize some situations.