Kelly Zylstra Awarded the 2019 George Warren Fuller

After receiving the George Warren Fuller Award, Kelly Zylstra, Waukesha Water Utility’s Operations Manager, paused for a photo with national AWWA representative Chi Ho Sham.

In September, Kelly Zylstra, Waukesha Water Utility’s Operations Manager, was awarded the George Warren Fuller award by the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has provided service in the water supply field for sound engineering skills, brilliant diplomatic talent and constructive leadership.

Kelly graduated from Michigan Technological University, earning two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in geology and one in geological engineering. Her career began as an engineer working on water projects for Crispell-Snyder in 1993. In 2010, she went to work for Short, Elliot and Hendrickson and then in 2012, she joined Waukesha Water Utility. Her first role there was as technical services manager.

Kelly has volunteered and served in various capacities to assist others in the field of water engineering. She has served on several WI AWWA committees including Small Systems, Young Professionals and Newsletter. She has been the editor for the WI AWWA newsletter for 19 years and served as treasurer for their Wisconsin Section Board for nine years.

In 2005 Kelly received the Young Professional of the Year Award and in 2011 received the Leon A. Smith Award, the WI AWWA’s second highest honor aside from the Fuller Award. Her accomplishments just keep growing!