Waukesha Freeman
May 3, 2019
By Brandon Anderegg

Waukesha — Permitting and more permitting — that’s the state of Waukesha’s Lake Michigan diversion project, Waukesha Water Utility General Manager Dan Duchniak told a Freeman reporter Thursday.

“The best analogy that I’ve heard from one of our consultants is, we’re kind of like that duck on the pond that looks like they’re just floating on the water, but their feet are going crazy,’” Duchniak said. “There are a lot of things behind the scenes with regards to permitting.”

The Common Council also passed two resolutions, which has allowed them to begin the process of acquiring necessary easements and land as part of the project, Duchniak added. There are approximately 14 easements they’ll need for water project infrastructure, none of which will cause property owners to relocate or the removal of buildings.

“We’re just acquiring some additional land that’s adjacent to the right of way within the setbacks so that we can have the pipeline within that area,” Duchniak said.

City officials are now working with New Berlin to finalize the purchase of the 8.5 acre parcel they will need to acquire for the reservoir and pump station in Minooka Park, which will help convey water into Waukesha.

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