Waukesha Freeman
September 19, 2019

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:
I grew up on Milwaukee water and have been a strong supporter of Waukesha’s application and process for this critical community access. We do not have a sustainable water supply in the city and need this new source for the health of the current and future residents of this city.

Through this process I have been impressed with the city’s open communication and collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources, the states and provinces who approved the application and with the local communities impacted by our need for a new water source. That is why I was so surprised by a letter headlined in the Freeman on Sept. 13 that read “New Berlin a loser in Waukesha Water deal.” What happened to the collaboration with New Berlin, who already has Milwaukee water as their source?

I believe that the location of this pumping station has been vetted and is the best, most economical, and minimally impactful environmental location for it as well as the LEAST disruptive to the residents near the location. From what I understand, there is no resident that is within 500 feet of the site and 11 within 1,000 feet. I understand their concerns, but any impacts should be short-term and minimized as much as possible by the commitment of the city to this project and the people impacted. To the residents of New Berlin, thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding as this project continues.

The concern about Minooka Park has also been addressed despite the author’s interpretation of the park’s comprehensive Park and Open Space Plan. The plan is a guide and for this decision the area that the city of Waukesha needs was vetted and approved by the county and is considered minimally impactful on the park’s land use. That is why it was included by the county itself in that comprehensive plan for the park. No trees will need to be cut and additional trees will be planted to screen the site. In fact, this site was chosen because of its lack of impact on trees, wells and wetlands.

To New Berlin, who is already benefitting from Milwaukee water, please understand that you are a partner and winner if you collaborate and approve this parcel for our project. Let’s look at this as regional cooperation and the right thing to do!

Mary Baer

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