Waukesha Freeman
February 15, 2022

Waukesha — Cement was poured Thursday at the new booster pumping station site as part of the Great Water Alliance project, which will bring Lake Michigan water to the city of Waukesha.

The Waukesha Water Utility notified the public that the large concrete pour was taking place at 2010 E. Broadway, which resulted in construction crews operating concrete trucks, telehandler forklifts and cranes. Greater than normal truck traffic also was accessing the construction site, and typical construction noise and lights began prior to 7 a.m.

The work and project are for a long-term, sustainable alternative to its existing water supply, and the Great Water Alliance program includes the infrastructure to make that a reality by carrying fresh water sourced from Lake Michigan to Waukesha and returning the same amount – in the form of treated, clean water – using the Root River tributary.

Program construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

For more information and further updates on construction related to the project throughout the city of Waukesha, visit www.greatwateralliance.com.

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