Beginning last August, those living in Waukesha, Franklin, New Berlin, Muskego, and Oak Creek may have seen individuals surveying on the public right-of-way. GWA program manager, Greeley and Hansen engineering firm, and its contractors is conducting various field investigations on routes for water supply and return flow pipelines. This is an important discovery phase to evaluate return flow routing options and will last for several months.

Individuals who live near these areas received letters notifying them that representatives were conducting field investigations and surveys to locate property boundaries and utilities which may be buried or above ground.

Construction of the GWA pipelines will not begin until 2019, but designing, planning, and preparation is just as important, ensuring we adhere to all regulations and guidelines.

“It’s important that there are no surprises – to neighbors or with boundaries and utilities when construction begins,” said Program Manager Kelly Zylstra “Our focus is to minimize disruptions to the extent possible, so getting important survey work completed now is critical.”

Representatives will also perform soil testing and assess wetlands and any archeological sites. Greeley and Hansen’s 100 years of engineering experience greatly assists in conducting all the crucial steps required during this design phase.