Waukesha’s plan to obtain Lake Michigan water was affirmed by the eight governors and two Canadian Premiers of the Great Lakes states and Canadian provinces who make up the Great Lakes Compact Council .

In a unanimous decision in early May, the Compact Council ruled against reopening Waukesha’s application to access up to 8.2 million gallons a day of drinking water from Lake Michigan and return the same amount to the lake. The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, an organization of mayors from U.S. and Canadian cities on the Great Lakes, had appealed the Compact Council’s approval made last June.

“The Compact Council made the right call last year. We appreciate their dedication in examining the facts of our application, rehearing the evidence about how our circumstances are unique, and after careful consideration coming to the same conclusion that we meet the requirements of the Great Lakes Compact,” said Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly.

With this reaffirmation, the Great Water Alliance will continue to reach out to partner communities via open houses, social media and greatwateralliance.com to receive input. The Great Water Alliance is committed to ensuring partner communities are informed about the project. As the project evolves, the website and social media channels will continue to be the go-to resource.

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