Giving the fishery
a helping hand


The Root River Steelhead Facility was built in 1992-93 to help the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources effectively manage Lake Michigan’s trout and salmon fishery. Because natural reproduction of trout and salmon doesn’t occur in Wisconsin waters, the fishery is entirely dependent upon hatchery-raised fish. Each year, the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan are stocked with some half-million Steelhead trout — much to the delight of anglers from around the region.

The facility also enables DNR biologists to gather information on the overall health of the fish, growth rates, migration patterns and other important data about the fishery.

During low-flow periods, the Great Water Alliance will help more fish reach the facility by raising the level of the Root River by as much as 6.5 inches.

how it works

You can tour the facility to see this process yourself, as well as to learn more about the important work our DNR does to help make Wisconsin a destination for anglers from around the world.