As this historic Program moves towards the construction phase, the Waukesha Water Utility has begun the process of finding contractors to perform the work needed to construct approximately 36 miles of large-diameter pipeline and a pumping facility with storage facilities in Waukesha County.

If you are a general or first-tier contractor who applied for prequalification or you are a non-general or first-tier contractor and interested in working on this Program, please review the steps in the process below.


Mandatory prequalification for general contractors and first-tier subcontractors. The application process is already complete.


In September, prequalified general contractors and first-tier subcontractors will be announced and posted below.


The bidding process for six contractor packages will begin. A Notice to Bidders will be emailed to all general and first-tier subcontractors who were prequalified.


Non-general or first-tier contractors who are interested in working on this Program should contact the contractors indicated on the Plan Holder List once it is posted.


Bidders will be notified if they were selected.

Prequalified Contractors Download
Request for Statement for Prequalification Download
Prequalification Meeting Presentation Download
Sign In Sheet from Prequalification Meeting Download

This page will be updated throughout the prequalification process and beyond, so make sure to check back for further contractor information.