Since 1886,

the Waukesha Water Utility has taken on the responsibility of providing residents with clean water.

From the very beginning, our history was shaped by people who were focused on the future. They embraced technological progress. They anticipated the city’s growth and the ever-increasing demand for water that comes with it. And they established a structure designed to keep politics out of the process.

Waukesha has long been a responsible steward of our most vital natural resource, and has demonstrated a deep respect for the environment with state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities.

For most of the city’s existence, Waukesha’s water supply came from deep wells that reached down to a large aquifer that extends from southeastern Wisconsin to northeastern Illinois. But a layer of shale between the surface and the water makes this particular aquifer slow to replenish, and over time it has become depleted. The short story: Waukesha needs a new and sustainable water source.

The WWU has spearheaded the effort to find that new source, and now through the Great Water Alliance, we’ll continue the mission of delivering the water Waukesha needs, in the most environmentally sound way possible.

Myth vs. Fact

The subject of water resource management is often emotionally charged, and the passions it raises can lead to a blurring of the line between myth and fact. We’d like to address some of the common misperceptions that have arisen since Lake Michigan was identified as the only reasonable long term water supply for Waukesha.


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